16th century cooking

16th century kitchen, explained in scents and colors by Bram, from Wasmonasterium Archeology (Warcheo). In collaboration with vzw Natuuratelier – Sombeke
Guide: Bram Van Arnhem (University of Ghent)
Meeting point: Natuuratelier, Sombekedries 3, Waasmunster
Number: 25 people
How to participate?
Reservation and registration: from Saturday 1 June 2019, only via The registration is only final after confirmation of the reservation and payment in advance. The number of participants is limited.
Price: 5.00 euros per person per activity, including local beer or soft drinks.
Start: 7 p.m.
End: 9 p.m.
Info: Tourism Office
City Hall
Vierschaar 1
9250 Waasmunster
T 052 46 95 27